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Imo your composition is not right.
Split components and communicate them - and you will have petSize and petName very close to each other.

Trying to justify very, very complex change with too simplistic and poorly designed example is not a good approach imo.


Hi Michał, thanks for the feedback. Agree that the component composition of the example isn’t ideal - in a real application you could split them.

Coming up with a good example is hard. One could opt for

  • A more real, “complex” component that can’t be broken down into smaller components and contains enough moving parts to really justify why the new API is necessary. Problem with putting this sort of example into a blog post is that the reader has to spend a lot of time trying to understand it, and many people understandably won’t.
  • A dumbed-down “simple” component that one can very quickly understand but requires the reader to “imagine” a more complex version of it to understand the problem we are trying to solve.

In this post I’ve opted for the latter.

If you’re interested in a slightly more complex example that can’t really be split into multiple components, check out this example.

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