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Discussion on: How can I attract a group of developers for open source projects?

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Mohammad Amin Khakzadan Author • Edited on

Thank you for your suggestions, they will help me a lot.

Yes, I'm already started working on that, I created some sort of syntax grammar, language design here.

I think, first, I must write a simple implementation of compiler, and attract people. And then working on the final project.

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Juha-Matti Santala

I happened to see this in a newsletter: What is Dark? - Darklang

It's a great piece of writing describing a programming language. I know you're still early in development but something like this, just writing down your thoughts on the motivation for creating such language, how it differs from other languages, what are the main use cases, and so on, will help your audience to figure out if it's something they'd like to get involved with.

That reminded me of another favorite, the Doctrine of Ruby on Rails which is not a technical document but a philosophical one. What is it built for, what were the reasonings for certain decisions and tradeoffs and so on.

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Mohammad Amin Khakzadan Author

your suggestions were really good, and they will help me. I can't write or speak english very well, so I have to write a simple short sentence. (but understand English very well :D)

I decided to write a tutorial about language design and publish that. (that means: writing tutorials, before writing the actual program.) I really think that the idea I have is worth it. And when I've completed it, I'll send you a link.