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Discussion on: Distributed Sagas for Microservices

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Harrison • Edited

HI @yos , I gave your GitHub project a try, but it did not transition to the handle error states when my error response from a lambda function contained:

"BookHotelResult": {
  "statusCode": 500,
  "body": {
     "bookHotelSuccess": false,
     "error": "Missing required key 'TableName' in params"

To generate this error, you could not pass in Table name for the Book Hotel lambda function. Please let me know if I may have missed something.

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Yos Riady Author

This error could be because of missing TableName environment variables supplied from process.env.*. Could you check that your Environment Variables are populated? Specifically:

You can check it from your AWS Lambda console.

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hi @yos , I purposely introduced the error, my expectation is that the state machine would have transitioned to the error states, but it instead transitioned to success states.

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