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re: Hi Daniel, and thank you. Glad you understand me quite well. My perspective over DevRel in the last few years? You jumped straight to the most dif...

Hey Tessa, thanks for the answer! I definetly agree, I like that the profession is changing and we're starting to add more structure to processes and we're getting better at metrics. I've found my focus has shifted a lot from the speaking and the like to working more in the background, doing content and working on strategy. I like to see it as a me evolving in the space because the career path isn't always the straightest.

I also love that more companies abroad are taking it up! So many nice new roles scattered around the world. I can only imagine the good it would do to the developer communities there. I'm very excited to see where the industry goes.

You are very welcome. I have noticed that in DevRel, focuses can easily shift based on where your product is heading, what your longterm/shortterm strategy looks like as that could potentially shift over time. This field and the individual will always be shifting. I know my position has in all companies I've done DevRel for!

Totally! The constant movement for me makes it exciting! On the other hand there's always the fear of having knowledge on so much yet not mastering anything. Slowly the fear is fading because it become apparent to me that it's probably just me limiting myself.

I was having a conversation with a few friends about DevRel and I made this analogy which at first was a little weird but started to make sense the more I thought about it. To me it seems like DevRel touches on a lot of the growth aspects of a product at least because of that it's different for every product, team, company and there a beauty in that haha. I'm writing a blog post about it this week if you'd like to read it before it's out.

Hi Daniel, I'd love to read your blog post. You can DM me on Twitter (it's open) @tessamero

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