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Discussion on: CF: A Legacy of Legacy

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Bill Tindal

I think it's time to start talking about the apps that are not legacy CF. The issue with that is they are not very 'public' apps. For example: The CF shops out there that are developing modern apps for businesses, what are they? where are they?

Those 'modern' CF apps need case studies written on them on sites like this.

Speaking of spaghetti code have you looked at a JS app? :)

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Michael Born Author

Amen. A lot of modern CF apps are still closed-source, whether government / public sector or other business apps, so it's harder to get public awareness of stuff.

Ortus does a lot of open source work. I'll try to dig for others - obviously is a good place for open source libraries, but I might reach out for more public case studies.

Lol! I've written some pretty poor jQuery junk back in the day, but JS isn't too bad if you're careful. ;)