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Build A Fully-Customized Taxi Booking App Like Uber

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In a matter of 8 years, Uber, based in San Francisco, grew tremendously and became a huge part of our modern life. Earlier, individuals never thought of taking taxis to their work daily as transportation was so costly. With the advent of new technology and the latest taxi app solution like Uber, Ola, and Lyft, it becomes easier for everyone to book a cab and reach a certain destination. The public has embraced and welcomed this idea and implemented it in their daily lives. Traditional taxi booking businesses are being disrupted with the commencing of Uber and people are preferring Uber instead of hailing their hands in front of a taxi. Traditional services were time-consuming and expensive.

If we talk about the business, Uber-like app has transformed the whole transportation business and more entrepreneurs are entering the industry with their unique business models. They are developing the taxi booking software from scratch and including all the latest features and functionalities to make it more attractive. It was very difficult to build a unique app to launch in google store and apple store but nowadays, the uber clone is available which can be purchased by the individuals and can be customized in their way.

Let Us Look At Some Of The Interesting Facts About Uber:

• Initially, uber like app only cater to certain rich sections of the society but as time passes by, it covers all other sections.

• Uber is one of the best taxi apps in the USA.

• It benefits not only customers but also the transport companies.

• It is currently serving in 84 countries and almost 900 cities.

• It has been a supreme leader in the taxi business.

• It captured a great share in the market by building a great app-user integration, marketing campaigns, and a separate dashboard for monitoring all the operations.

Uber application is mainly made of 3 main modules which include the customer app, driver app, and the admin dashboard.

Let Us See What All Features Are Included In Customer App:

• Track a ride

• Fare estimation

• Multiple modes of payment

• Track service history

• Schedule booking

• Book for others

• Smart in-app wallets

• Panic button

• Favorite destinations

• Split charges

Features For Drivers’ App:

• Manage driver’s profile

• Route optimization

• Driver destination

• Quest earnings

• 2-minute cancellation window

• Heat maps

• Update availability

For Admin:

• Manage vehicles and drivers

• Reports and analytics

• Discounts and offers

• Send messages in bulk

• Manage feedbacks

• Manage ratings and reviews

• Dispatching authorities

These are some of the basic features and apart from these, one can easily add some advanced features to enhance the functionality of the application. Nowadays, the taxi app solution launching with all the advanced features to increase customer engagement. Also, uber like app development cost ranges between $2k to $25k depending upon factors like the location of the company, number of developers working, time taken by them, number of features and functions, etc. Advanced tech suite will cost you more than including all the basic features and functions.

What Should You Remember For Building A Uber-Like App

The ideal method to fabricate an uber like app is to construct an essential adaptation of the Uber taxi application and study the market cautiously. Building a Uber clone requires cautious arranging. Comprehend what could be the conceivable development for the driver's and the traveler's application. When this is clear, you can continue with the serious arrangement of highlights. Uber client applications must think about the excursion from the purchaser's perspective.

Aside from this, you ought to consistently attempt to draw in and hold both the drivers and the clients for a smooth working. For the best Uber clone, you have to deal with the highlights and functionalities. While there are numerous in the application advancement market professing to be the pioneers in the business, not every person has got that hands-on involvement in the on-request arrangement. The key is to investigate well for your application like Uber to guarantee that your business is in safe hands. Uber-like application improvement includes cautious thought of these variables.

Aside from this, other significant components to remember while building an application like Uber or a Uber taxi application clone are:

• Easy to use a route

• Smooth UI/UX plans

• Satisfying visuals and illustrations

• Continuous usefulness


All in all, we can say that Uber has changed the way of transportation, and if an entrepreneur wants to enter the market, he should do it now because it is high time and competition is getting tough day by day. A unique business model with a mixture of basic and advanced features is all you need to launch an app. The taxi app solution and the whole industry are expected to grow as twice as today in the coming years and it would be beneficial for all the entrepreneurs who have already established their taxi business in the market.

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