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Do Developers Need Project Management Skill?

It definitely helps.

For a junior developer, someone who is just "starting" (couple of years) - focusing on PM skills may not be the best choice.

After one has solid Technical skills, one may be "automatically" given parts of responsibility, even if no one "calls" them PM.

When that happens (and it will) it is the best time to practice PM skills.


Any example for PM skills


Feel free to checkout articles under #projectmanagement here on dev.to



Break down your own tasks into design, coding, testing etc.

Estimate time for each (Initially estimates will go wrong, but that is OK)

See if you "missed" any steps (Documentation? Deployment?)

See if any of the "parts" can be done in parallel. (For your own work, it won't help in execution. But practice assessing it, so when you have to estimate for say 3 people, this practice will be helpful.)

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