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re: Reconnect is now working even after the socket closes! When websocket re-opens after closing, I see this error: ERROR error from callback >:...

I think that is an error related with auth, if an errors occuurs on the login function library encapsulates it an try login later:

error image

do you refer to that error?

I think that my next exteps on the library must be improving logging and documentation to prevent this kind of things.

Yes after that error, it reconnects and websocket opens again. After websocket opens, then I see this error:

"ERROR error from callback <bound method BaseHubConnection.on_message of signalrcore.hub.base_hub_connection.BaseHubConnection object at 0xb5954410: type"

That error was solved in the 0.74. Was related with the connection handshake. Yesterday I uploaded
the fix. The new version is available since then.

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