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Discussion on: Learn Docker basics quickly!

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manish srivastava

Podman is very easy if you know how to do basics of docker you know basics of podman. Commands are similar. Just you have to remove docker in command with podman. Like docker pull will be podman pull and docker run will be podman run....
To quickly learn docker here is an article of mine:

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Tharun Shiv

Thank you so much sir. It was glad receiving reply from you, will check your article out now. 🙂

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Ben Overmyer

I agree with your assessment of the problems with Docker.

I'm not saying that podman is bad. I'm saying that it has no place in a beginner tutorial for Docker.

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Kapil Agrawal

while Podman is promising and maybe devs will eventually shift to Podman or something new. But that shift isn't happening overnight or anytime soon is what I am saying.

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