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Discussion on: What are those PeerDependencies in a NodeJS project?

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Manuel Penaloza Author

Thx for your questions.

  1. what you've described, is what the maintainer of the react-redux package has already done, see here That's the reason why the warning is thrown here. The solution to this warning is, that the developer of that project (that uses react-redux) has to add react@0.14.0 on its own as a project dependency.

  2. "... I assume the person who call jacksFunction already know the exact version it needs." > the person who calls jacksFunction might not necessarily know this when installing and initially using the npm package jacksmodule. The definition of a peer dependency in jacksmodule's package.json will throw the helping hint that the person should install the proper version of jillsModule.

Hope that helped to answer your questions (?).

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