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Discussion on: Which Linux distro do you use?

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Manuel Ojeda

Well, my story in Linux started in Fedora 11 around 2009 and in that Linux wasn't a pleasant UX as is today and since then I kept using Windows until last year in January.

Before I started using Linux again, I was completly afraid using this OS because my main fear was that I could make my PC useless (misinformation mainly) and before starting using a Linux OS I trained using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

After that and losing the fear using the console I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and was great for me, then 20.04 and since then I started to look for the best user experiencie distro that I could find.

I used Linux Mint and was great; awesome hardware support and felt like Windows, but that was the problem, I didn't what something like Windows, I wanted something with a unique UX, so I returned to Ubuntu again for around 8 months (because I like it Gnome and how felt) until I got the curiosity to Pop! OS.

And now I can say with security Pop! OS is my main distro because:

  • Best User Experience, the one I was looking and felt like running MacOs
  • This distro has a lot of hardware support since System76 is a hardware manufacturer
  • Is mainly focused in productivity
  • Has a lot of tools that Ubuntu doesn't have like: Pop Launcher, Popsicle (making a bootable ISO USB), Windows Titling System and many more
  • The 20.04 LTS ISO has Linux 5.11 which is great if you have and AMD System
  • Ubuntu and Debian based Distro, so you can have a great time with many apps working and a lot of documentation around

I'm eager to test Pop 21.04 with COSMIC DE and i'm sure i'm not the only one who likes a lot PopOs over any other distro.

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Alex Georgiev Author

Thanks for sharing this! I'm planning to test Pop! OS in the next few weeks!