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Discussion on: PANCAKE SORTING

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Massimo Santini • Edited

The code so un-pythonic :) This is shorter (and easier to read, imho):

argmax = lambda lst, n: max((v, i) for i, v in enumerate(lst[:n]))[1]
flip = lambda arr, n: arr[0:n][::-1] + arr[n:]

def pancakesort(data):
    n = len(data)
    while n: 
        m = argmax(data, n)
        data = flip(data, m + 1)
        data = flip(data, n)
        n -= 1
    rerturn data

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But the idea is nice :)

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Carlos A.

This one looks interesting, the first lines are confusing but it work. The code on the article shows error in line 20. Typo with the variables.