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Discussion on: Upload RDL file(s) to Power BI via API

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Helllo Kenichiro,

can you please confirm that this example does actually work? I have been working on import an RDL report into the Power BI service by means of the REST API for a few days now, but I have not managed to upload the report so far. Although I am coding in Go with direct HTTP request, I have tried also your example as well as a C# one, so that I could find a working solution and then compare the flow with mine in Go.

Typically the error "400 Bad Request RequestedFileIsEncryptedOrCorrupted" is returned.

I also noticed that a plenty of people have faced the same issue, just a few topics found on the Power BI forum confirming that:

Therefore, if you can provide further details on your approach, it would be appreciated.

Best reagrds,