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Discussion on: Hands-on PostGIS, exploring the Geospatial capabilities

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Ryan Cooper

Looking at the screenshots, it appears @aritra used to render the GeoJSON output from the PostGIS queries. This a great tool for creating spatial data or for viewing spatial data stored formatted to meet the GeoJSON specification.

To the question of rendering, it is worth noting that OSM itself is not a renderer. It is a source of data that can used in a lot of different ways, including tiling into the basemap you see in the screenshots. However, there are multiple APIs and software that can render these map tiles. For JavaScript, Leaflet, OpenLayers, ArcGIS JS API, Mapbox GL JS, and Tangram are examples of APIs you can use to render GeoJSON feature data atop tiled basemaps. It is less important what the source of the data is in the basemap tiles than that the basemap is tiled in a way that these APIs can render them properly. Google makes the distinction between data source and renderer murky because their basemap tiles are the default for the Google Maps API.

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Got it, Thanks

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Aritra Das Author

Thanks, Ryan. You are absolutely right on what you said.