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Discussion on: Have you ever tried any JetBrains product?

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Marcelo Bukowski de Farias

I use IntelliJ every day and can't live without it. Last time I was switching jobs, even got a personal license for myself, paying from my pocket.

I've used pretty much anything you can imagine: vim, Turbo Pascal, Visual Studio, VS Code, Delphi, etc, etc. From my experience, anything else feels "naked". People usually complain about performance, and yes, it can take some time indexing things, especially if you don't configure your projects properly, but I never felt like it was slowing me down. In any case, the latests releases (2020.3 EAP included) seem pretty snappy. Give it plenty of memory (-Xmx) and be happy.

I also used TeamCity extensively in my previous job, and adopted it as the CI solution for my current company. It has it's moods, but it's a very complete solution. In this case however, I can only compare based on real experience with Hudson/Jenkins.

Yes, I'm a fanboy.