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Discussion on: Touch Typing- The Most Important Skill For Developers Nobody Talks About

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Marco Aigner

Great post, I can definetely relate!

I'm now only a year away from my bachelor and yet, started learning touch-typing only two months ago.

I never learned it at school and for some reason never had the motivation to do something about it myself. It was kind of like eating Asian cuisine with sticks - the way I did it was not the official and most efficient way, but it seemed to work for me.

Until at some point I came to the conclusion that, as a person that is planning to get more into software development, I simply have to acquire that skill at some point. Might as well be now.

So I started taking some online-classes and boy: my writing became frustratingly slow at that time. Re-learning something is truly a lot more difficult than learning something from scratch.

Eventually I became faster with time. I am still in the learning process. Yet my writing speed has hugely improved even now. Also, I'm more convenient with hitting the right keys.

What I found out as well is that the right or wrong keyboard can make a huge difference!

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David Sanwald Author

Keep it up. It's hard but you will benefit from it every day for the rest of your life (: