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Discussion on: I Am A PhD Astrophysicist American Expat in Ireland, A Lead Software Developer, and Training for a Marathon, Ask Me Anything!

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Marcos Aguilera Ely

Have you though about the complexity to create a Programming Language and the smarts minds behind it, and how-much-more the complexity of Human Genoma "Programming Language". It's fascinating, it's not?

Sorry about my english, I supposed you got the context.

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Andrew (he/him) Ask Me Anything

Hi Marcos!

Your english is great! Much better than my Spanish, that's for sure.

Yeah, it's incredible how we think the things that we have built are so complex but they're nothing compared to biological complexity. To be fair, we've only been at it for a few hundred years and nature has had a 4.5-billion year head start. One of my favorite quotes about the complexity of biology is:

If the human brain were so simple
That we could understand it,
We would be so simple
That we couldn’t.

-- American Nuclear Physicist Emerson M. Pugh