Keep calm and code on: Productivity tools for developers

Marina Pilipenko on February 20, 2018

Productivity turns into a vague concept when speaking of jobs in the technology environment. Programming is one of the areas where productivity i... [Read Full]
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I have some tools to add to this list:

  • Be Focused Pro: Pomodoro timer for both mac and iOS. Also has sync, reporting, multiple tasks. Works pretty well and has no subscribing cost.
  • Dash (Mac/iOS), Zeal (Linux): Documentation browser for loads of stuff (programming languages, libraries, frameworks). Works pretty fast and very readable.
  • Quiver or SnippetsLab: Code snippet notebook with markdown notes. Store your most re-used code snippets with documentation.
  • Magnet: Linux desktop managers have magnetic corners and auto resizing, but macOS lacks this feature. To enable, use Magnet. Organize your windows pretty neatly and fit many stuff into a single desktop. Work dense.

Thanks! It's a valuable addition to the list.


This guy knows, the only one that i don't have is Dash in my mac.


Let me add Vitamin R-2--very nice productivity enhancer that fills in gaps where GTD and other systems leave off. It's a terrifically flexible tool that can implement the Pomodoro technique as well as just about any other time-block based system. See


I'd like to add airtable.

It's essentially just a database that as a UI that looks like it was designed by fisher price.

BUT, because it's just a database, Devs can create some pretty powerful productivity trackers/tools with this platform that is frankly, just a joy to use.


Very awesome tool it is. You have described this in a very good manner. That's why I like it the most. Keep it up :)
Github Generator is currently I'm using these days and applied here on GoDissertationHelp.


I prefer fish and oh-my-fish over zsh and oh-my-zsh! The TAB completion feature is so better. The function is better than zsh aliases. Only cons : fish is not POSIX compliant.


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I started using ripgrep instead of the_silver_searcher and the results and the time are very noticeable. Try it!


Excellent list.

I would like to add Todoist which I have found quite good for managing tasks and stay productive.


I was looking for a tool like Habitica for a while now, also reminded me that i should be using zsh,thanks!


Thanks for SilverSearcher! For slightly larger codebases, check out livegrep as well.


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