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Mario Sangiorgio Author

I'm not sure if generics have been left out to appeal to C developers. At least, in the FAQ they explicitly say that they want to keep the language and the runtime simple golang.org/doc/faq#generics

Regarding error checking, I think that having algebraic data types and pattern matching would have been cleaner and safer. Code can still be super fast with them (have a look at Rust).

I haven't had a chance to use the package manager much so I don't have a clear opinion. If I remember correctly, I read that some of the design decision were rooted in Google using a monorepo, which is a different scenario than what you would normally be in.
I think some work is being done on the package management system so this will likely improve in the future

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Thanks Mario, I almost forgot about pattern matching for error handling. That would be very nice indeed.

I've read this article and it makes very interesting points: yager.io/programming/go.html