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Discussion on: TypeScript vs Flow

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Mark Erikson

It's still an absurd thing to enforce as a compiler error, especially by default, and absolutely absurd for a tool based on Create-React-App.

Dan Abramov and I have both urged the author to change the default link setup (per create-react-app-ts #333 ). It looks like there's some open PRs to do that, but no recent progress. Very frustrating.

I actually just tried TS "for real" for the first time today, and I see some potential benefits to using it, but it's hard to recommend CRA-TS as a tool for a beginner with that ridiculously restrictive "lint" setup.

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stereobooster Author

Can't wait to try this

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Jaimin Pandya

Agreed, enforcing it as an error would be very frustrating especially for beginners.