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Discussion on: Advice on building a website to save contact information

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Makes sense. Hubspot would be good for tracking your own business stuff, but by all means make your own! (It'd be a fun challenge to rebuild some of Hubspot's functionality on your own system.)

As far as advice on the building side of things goes, there's a ton of ways you could approach it and technologies you could use. If you don't have a stack picked out, I'd just suggest using whatever you want to learn more about - you could do it using anything from React to Wordpress.

As far as hosting goes, AWS probably has a free tier for the amount of use you'll need, but can be complex to set up. If you could manage to make it function as a static site, there are some free options like Github Pages and Netlify. If you plan on wanting to host more sites that have minimal traffic, you could just get a $5/month Digital Ocean droplet that you could host plenty of stuff on.

Good luck!