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Discussion on: 18 DevTools for productivity 🚀

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Marko Shiva Pavlovic

fkill is more then funny.
There is no way that kill don't work.
Only situation when I saw kill and by that pkill is lagging is when there is a mounted resource that become unavailable and cpu and memory is on maximum usage. basically kill will immediately open a system call to kill process and remove it from table of processes without waiting for the same to release resources.
If you are developer who do not know linux you might do not know about signals and that by default and SIGTERM to kill a process which is also known as terminate as send a signal to a process to release a resources and cleanly remove from table and memory.
To use a kill as a kill you can just pass
-9 or -SIGKILL or simply -kill as the argument.
So writing a new utility to kill a process is not needed.