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Discussion on: Wasp - language for developing full-stack Javascript web apps with no boilerplate

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Martin Šošić Author

In theory yes! It really depends on how much we detach the DSL from the implementation. Right now we are not detaching us as much as we might possibly like :D, just because it would slow us down a lot - instead we are going with relatively coupled approach, in the sense it is somewhat coupled to React / Node. But, once we get that working, we will look into generalizing it.
When speaking about frameworks like Meteor or RoR: we could have generators that based on the DSL generate stuff in Meteor or RoR. Right now we have just one generator: React/Node/Prisma generator.
However, using Meteor and RoR as building blocks that connect/interface with DSL is not the way we are going right now, because DSL we are building right now is about the same level of expresiveness as is Meteor and RoR, so blocks should be lower-level (like React, Node, Prisma, ...). I think Meteor and RoR could become valid "blocks" if we raise the abstraction of DSL to the level of e.g. microservics and similar, which we are not planning for now.
I might have explained this badly or misunderstood you, please let me know if this makes sense or not!

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Jan Küster

Not Bad at all, makes all Sense. Thank you! Will keep an eye on this!