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In 2004, I was playing a lot of Diablo 2. While looking around online for some info on the game, I thought, "It'd be kinda cool to make my own website." So, I searched for some HTML tutorials, and made my own D2 site in XHTML. I didn't know about CSS at the time, so it was all table layouts. It was terrible but I still have fond memories of it.

It was still another 10 years before I really got into programming. Mostly dabbled here and there, took a couple classes, and treated it as a distant hobby until 2014. Being in an industry I had no love for for 15 years kinda helped push me to really dig into coding. Spent 6 months really learning JavaScript by making a game in HTML5 and canvas, then dove into Java and Android development. February 2015 was when I finally transitioned careers.

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