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re: I don't disable Javascript. Most of the apps I write will not function with JS disabled. I am not aware of the use cases for running a browser with...

Often sites that rely on JS to render content are difficult for accessibility programs to interpret, which matters greatly for people with vision disabilities and others. Many people also don't want to allow a site they may not trust to use their computer's resources to do who knows what--plenty of apps have even been caught mining cryptocurrency on client hardware with JS. Ever click a link to Imgur and have to wait 10 seconds... for an image? HTML/CSS has a very small attack surface. With all the security scares in NPM, are you confident that you aren't opening your clients up to unnecessary risks? I'm not.

As a developer, rendering on the server allows you to cache content much more aggressively, across multiple clients, and not just cache content per client locally. Sometimes I don't want to make a single page app. Sometimes, applications fit very well into the CRUD model, and it is just so elegant to do that server side and with forms.

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