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re: Why is Lodash Still Useful? VIEW POST


Someone in another component has already shown how to implement times and debounce.Get can be achived with optional chaining, so heres how to do keyBy:

const keyBy = (arr, key) => Obhect.fromEntries( => [o[key], o]))

...and with types:

const keyBy = <T extends object, K extends keyof T>(arr: T[], key: K): Record<T[K] extends (string | number) ? T[K] : never, T>

(Have't tested this since I'm on mobile rigut now, but you yet the idea)


There’s no way to do this easily with plain JavaScript without writing multiple lines of code

Since its doable in 1 line your statemet kinda false


To avoid Object.fromEntries, there is .reduce. => [o[key], o]).reduce((prev, [k, v]) => { ...prev, [k]: v }, {})

Actually, with map, filter, reduce -- you can do a lot.

It is impossible to say that you cannot do something in one-liner JavaScript, because minified JS is also a one liner.


I agree. I think there're things like differenceWith in Lodash that are harder to implement by ourselves and not available in the standard library.

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