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Discussion on: React authentication, simplified

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Matteo Frana

Hi Tyler,
great article and it seems a great product.

The 10.000 monthly active users means that if I have 1.000 users they will be able to login as many times as they like and I will be always in the free tier?
I'd like to use your solution for two upcoming projects. In one case the customer needs to have all the data in the EU for their privacy policy: is there the possibility to choose a EU zone for the data storage?

Thank you,

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Tyler Warnock Author • Edited

Hi @matfrana ,

Yes that's absolutely what it means -- we want to offer free auth for small projects, and in general we want best-in-class authentication to be free for any project that needs it, because that will make the internet better. 1,000 users is no sweat for our infrastructure, so yes it is and will be free.

For your EU question: we don't currently offer the ability to store all data in a given location, and it's currently housed primarily in the US. Your request is a common one though, so we plan to add it in the future. We'd love to support your needs however we can.

Thank you for asking!

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