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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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mathamagician • Edited

OMG thank-you for this. I hate everything about the current state of web development. The arrogance, the zealotry and the emphasis on trendy frameworks. It's so infuriatingly stupid that people create a rube goldberg level of complexity in order to use a screw driver to hammer in a nail.

While most of the people doing this probably don't know any better I can't help but think this is an indictment of the entire profession. Back in I think it was the Baroque Era of music musicians figured out a way to use complexity as a wedge to keep out amateur musicians. They would purposely write sheet music in extremely difficult keys that only very experience musicians could play easily. Then when someone in the aristocracy asked for a certain song to be played they needed to have a very experienced musician in order to play it.

I can't help but think developers have done the same thing with web development. Everyone has created these massively complex and overly specific frameworks on top of relatively simple underlying code. Solutions are really just band-aid that break down quickly as soon as any element in an overly complex system is updated. Instead of creating robust solutions developers become these religious fanatics for their framework because the more people who use their framework the more marketable their skills become.