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Discussion on: How did you first start out learning programming?

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Anurag Mathur 

This is the typical situation in India for many of us, YMMW.

I started programming as a mandatory subject in my 10th std of ICSE board curriculum in India. Learnt Basic programming. Then moved to Cobol and Fortran for 11th and 12th ISCE board curriculum. In my Engineering course for Computer Science, had C as the language from 1st semester. I used to swear by a book called as "Let us C" by Yashwant Kanitkar then.

This was all 15 years back. Courses and curriculum have been revised and new students following the same path would be learning entirely different languages, and curriculum.

Professionally, I started on C++ during my first employment with a start-up, and then moved to further lower level languages C and Assembly as time progressed there. C++ wasn't easy to learn and use initially, but the code so beautifully structured that it made life easy.

I still feel that learning an easier language (Basic) as the first language made Programming fun, interesting and concepts easy for me. Wish something similar could have happened professionally as well.