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At what point do you consider the task done? If you are finishing things quickly maybe you could broaden the scope of the task. If the task is part of some broader goal you can take on more responsibility for getting that done. Or spend more time refactoring code you are working on, adding tests etc to make it easier to work on.

If you've got loads of free time and are lucky enough that nobody cares what you're spending it on, then you could use that time to work on an online course, or just find some problem your team or the business has and see if you can solve it. Things like that are great for career development. At a company I used to work at, one of the main products basically only existed because some devs had too much free time.


At what point do you consider the task done?

Once the pull request for that task is reviewed and merged.

I'm using TDD so it's already covered by tests, I'll look into refactoring though.

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