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Discussion on: Surviving Unexpected Situations on Stage

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Saija Saarenpää

This sounds so familiar. Well done getting over the situation quickly! I experienced something similar in the same conference when the slide notes did not show up. I was lucky in that sense that my colleague was up in the stage at that point (not so fun for her, but she did handle the situation very well 💪💎) when we found out the problem (which did not fix during the whole presentation) and I had some time to mentally prepare myself to present without any notes as I did not have any backup paper notes. I’ll probably write a post about this as well, but you already covered many great points like having those notes only as short bullet points to use if all else fails and not totally relying on them. And next time, I will probably have some paper backup notes as well 😅

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Eevis (she/her) Author

It's always great to hear these "survival stories" if you allow the expression 😄 Those situations (after getting trough them) give so much confidence, when you realise you actually got this! So well done you too! 😊