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Discussion on: Quick ramp-up with NodeJS

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Saija Saarenpää Author

Thanks! I have only used Koa quite recently so I don't have any strong opinions. Also, it's not necessarily something I would use in production if I were now to start a new web project, though some people would say the same about Node 😂 The reason I first started to look into Koa was its native support for async/await. And secondly, I just like to try new things. The usage does not differ much from Express, and maybe the most notable difference is that Koa replaces Node's native request and response objects with it's own counterparts. But that much you already know. I've not yet decided if that's a good or a bad thing. Some say it's easier to handle errors with Koa, but I still need to do some extensive error handling myself to see if it adds up.

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Laura Vuorenoja

Ok, thanks for the analysis ☺️