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Taking it from the Tail. If you are self motivated, you would definitely come easy to being a self learner...

Getting back to the main topic. Learning and Teaching Styles that works..

Learning Style
Firstly I have to mention, when it comes to learning, I am exactly the definition you mention above. I need practicals/visuals to understand while wishing for a tutor. But down the line, I found a way to learn by my self which I am just gonna summarize using programming language as an example.

  • Read the book provided with the language. Alternatively find a resource and stick with the resource through thick and thing.
  • Understand what you read and Practice each topic.
  • Never leave a topic until you understand the How, Why, When etc of it.
  • Pick up a project to apply what you have learnt..
  • When you forget how to do stuff, go back to the topic thats related to what you want to do in your resource..
  • goto step above.

Teaching Style
The key i found to this in my years of teaching is FUN.. Make what you wanna teach fun. Nobody forgets something easily if its a good memory. while every wishes to forget the bad memories. but wants the good ones to stay. Yes, sometimes we have students that are introverts and all. Psychologically I most time read such student to be one thats not wanting to get hurt, so the key here is make yourself a reliable and trustworthy friend. Before you know it, they'll tell you all their secrets. that way they will want you around most times. making it such that your class wont be one they'll wanna miss and also be punctual to every one your classes.

After you achieve the connection above with every of your student. They would mind telling you whenever they are confused on a topic, even before you ask if they understand what you have been teaching so far.

Now the teaching technique I use is by relating every thing I teach to daily activities. i.e If I am teaching about control structures, I wouldnt just go on and on with the gibberish part of it as it is new to them. I would rather give a life scenario of them sending a friend to get em snack e.g Ben get me Pizza if its fresh, else get me Sausages. then i relate it to the control loop I am teaching. That way, they'll understand that even if they forget how to do an if-else, they'll check there note and recall in a jiffy.

The top of all is ask em to choose a case study of choice. you all work on it and find solutions to problem arising in each step of the way. this way, they get to see how what they've learnt is applied in real life.

In the end, make a key thing to them to always know where to go when they find it hard to understand something. show them some examples. Google search in their present, Make references.

PS: As they see you as their guru, even if you remember something. Once in while act like you don't and go check your reference. that way they also would know you are not perfect but knows the time to ask for help.

Its funny, I dont know i would type this much.. lol.

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