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Discussion on: Dockerize & Backup A Postgres Database

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Matthew Cale Author • Edited on

The answer is........ i thought it was a pretty steeple lol

I honestly had no idea it was LDS. Is that Joseph Smith up there? That's the Angel Moroni up there. In any case much love to my mormon sisters and brothers I mean absolutely zero offense in using the image. I genuinely think it's lovely and hope it doesn't offend anyone in that community. BTW if it does offend someone I hope you'll reach out and let me know (kindly lol), and also hopefully explain why so I can be sure to consider it in the future.

Thanks for learnin' me something Andrew Lewis!

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Andrew Lewis

Oh, totally not offensive, just a surprise to be sure. That's the Angel Moroni. You can read about it here:

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Matthew Cale Author

📖 -- i did not anticipate learning this when i started down this path! thanks again!