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Discussion on: Testing Out MongoDB + Express + React + Node + Sendgrid + Heroku

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Matt Dyor Author

Good question. It started out as Couchbase, but Couchbase does not offer a free hosted offering that I could find, so I shifted to MongoDB...but you cannot change the URL in I have been playing with Couchbase locally, but it seems that there is a bit of a barrier to cloud-based experimentation here. Are you working with Couchbase?

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Matthew D. Groves

That makes sense, but it was a weird shift seeing Couchbase in the first half and Mongo in the second half with no explanation.

I do work for Couchbase. As far as a self-service DBaaS offering for Couchbase, that will be coming soon (there's a kinda limited preview of it right now: In the meantime, you can experiment a number of other ways, including Docker and the various cloud marketplaces. And feel free to use either the Enterprise edition for your experimentation and pre-production as much as you'd like!