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Discussion on: PYTHON/DJANGO vs REACT/VUE which is better to focus on?

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Matt Edwards

I have seen some posts on that cover the use of Vue with the Django REST Framework but I'm not sure how you would use Vue with standard Django. Like I said, I'm pretty new to Django, but it seems that you have to use the Django template language to get the data from your models into your views.

I must admit that a similar question has occurred to me: if your focus is web apps, is Django the way to go or is it based on an outdated methodology?

Hopefully somebody with more experience will be able to comment :-)

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Bret Author

thanks, i like how it loops through things, but i don't like the way how the Jinja, but have to be inside of a div, or if you keep it within because that how it will show it different.
focusing on python, has helped a little with JS