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• Radio Shack TRS-80
• Apple II, IIe, III, etc
• My 386SX
• Graphics mode v. text mode
• The text editor called "Brief"
• FoxBase/FoxPro/dBase
• Booting the Mac 512e with a floppy disk
• IDL (Interactive Data Language, like Matlab)
• Emacs & Emacs Lisp, XEmacs
• Sun Sparcstation
• ftp.wustl.edu & others like it where you downloaded & compiled your open source stuff
• BBSs (bulletin board systems accessed via direct dial up)
• The first laser printer (at UCSD)
• Gould Modicon programmable controller

Ah, the good ol' days. Yep, I'm old, but not old enough to have ever had to use punch cards. :)


My first computer was an Intel 80386SX @25MHz, 2MB RAM, 10MB of Hard Drive, Floppy 5¼" (B drive) and 3½" (A drive). Along with a Hercule display and a 9-dot dot matric printer (offering 4 different fonts! Yeah... The font where available ON THE printer, with a button to select which one). We had MS-DOS 5.0, Wordperfect 5.1, dBase 3.0, Lotus123, a Fighting Jet game (don't remember the name, was actually in 3D, couldn't make the damn plane land). I was 10 years old, and when I was like 13 my mother bought a Pentium 120MHz (without MMX), so she gave me the 386. I went to a computer store to ask what to do with it in order to play Diablo. They laugh at me so hard!!!


EMACS. Killit with fire. Nothing like the first time you open EMACS and are left wondering, "how the hell do I exit this beast"?


VIM: "Hold my beer"


Ah Brief. I still miss Brief. Also the version control plug-in for it called Sourcerer's Apprentice

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