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Discussion on: Oh snap, here comes *another* JavaScript framework | SVELTE

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Matthias 🤖

I clicked through the tutorial and played around a bit.

My first impression was very good, I like the concept and it feels very solid.
There is also a episode about Svelte:

Is it a problem for you (or does it feel strange) that there is no company behind Svelte?

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Scott Tolinski

Thanks for posting this episode! I found this post randomly and was psyched to see this comment. 🙌🙌

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Ooh! Go Syntax! Thanks for trying out Svelte and putting it on our radar!

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Walter Kennedy IV

Not the OP, but the backing or lack thereof by a company doesn't bother me with respect to JS stuff. Vue, for example, has Evan You (et al) behind it, and not an established company.

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Ben Calder

If you're concerned about the future prospects of Svelte it's worth considering that Rich Harris was the initial creator of Rollup. That's doing fairly well for itself and can be found in perhaps unexpected places.