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Discussion on: 7 years as a developer - lessons learned

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Matt Kenefick

"Your goal is to solve problems with code."

This is perhaps the best thing to have learned IMO. I look around, I look around and I see a lot of new faces in the development community. New learners are picking up Python / Javascript and thinking "What can I throw this at?"

Programming is about solving problems. The code, the language, is just a tool. It's a hammer, a drill, a crowbar. You need to use the right one and at the right time. Sometimes.. you might not even want to do anything at all; it's sometimes better to do nothing.

Determine if there's a problem. What's the cause? Can a code-based solution fix this? What language best suits it? How can it be done most effectively?

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jpdev • Edited

"The problem you solve is more important than the code you write"