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Matthew Marquise
Matthew Marquise

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My Journey To Becoming A Developer.

Once upon a time I was introduced to HTML, CSS, and JS. Fast forward years later... I've taken numerous classes and have expanded my knowledge to the point where I not only feel confident in my ability to create modern, stunning, and even minimalistic, yet fully functional UIs that users fall in love with. Two of my relatives originally encouraged me to give HTML and CSS a shot. If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't super thrilled of the thought of code. I had always thought coding was very complex and there weren't many people who did it, therefore there were little or no communities of coders to get help from or to help out or just to simply connect with. I was very wrong. Not only are there a ton of coders/programmers, there's so many communities and platforms for us to connect on!

I've always been a creator, and coding has allowed me to express that in ways I've never been able to before. Some paint portraits, compose music, cook dishes, and I code. I love the process of going from a blank webpage to a full functioning one. It's my canvas.

Would love to connect with more developers on DEV as well as on GitHub and Linkedin!

Thanks for reading!
~ Matthew Marquise

More posts to come soon!

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