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Hello! It's been a while...

Lately I've been transitioning from a front-end developer to a UX designer, and I haven't posted much on since my popular "Implement Dark Mode on Your Website" article went viral, which now has received roughly 13,500 views. I greatly appreciate all the support from the community, and though I have no plans to leave this platform, I just won't be writing as frequently on here, however, I do have another super neat programming tutorial in the works for here. In the mean time, if you want to read more of my design/development content then I'd suggest checking me out on Medium.

Today I just published my second major case study about my journey in designing and developing an entirely new website for a real estate and vacation rental agency in Maine. Read it here.

My previous case study was about designing a concept app that enables users to effortlessly pre-order food from food trucks so they didn't have to wait in line and could be guaranteed food. Read it here.

Again, thank you all for your overwhelming support and stay tuned for the next programming tutorial!

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