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Matthew Marquise
Matthew Marquise

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Steps To Creating Modern & Minimalist UI/UXs

I'm no minimalist in real life myself, not sure if I ever could be, but I'm in love with modern and minimalist UI/UXs. No one wants the headache of having to figure out how to navigate the site, or when pop-ups continue to pop up and I can't even get to the part of figuring out how to navigate the complex site.

When building a site, it's important that rather than focusing first on what components you'll incorporate, try putting all your focus towards creating a wireframe. Nothing complex. If you're not all that familiar with wireframes, grab a sheet of paper and scribble down boxes to represent each page and lines going from buttons/links to pages. It can literally be that simple.

If you already have a website that's currently not the best, who says you can't revamp and make visitors happy. It might be worth a shot.

This is yet another shorter post, and most of my posts will likely be shorter, but I personally don't like long posts because I typically don't read them all the way through. Though everyone's different.

Thanks for reading!
~ Matthew Marquise

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