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I had this, kinda, at my last place, but the firm was already a mature one. A SME that had been running for 16 years or so, based in a small town to the south of Nottingham. The office was interesting to say the least - we were under a glass pyramid roof, that leaked badly enough that we were flooded out a couple of times & during autumn there were fallen leaves coming down inside the building, seriously. When it wasn't raining, in early February by 11AM it was over 32C.

They had a fairly mature app but no unit tests - no automated testing of any kind other than "Does it build? Does it run?" - and no fixed, agreed house style, so that the process for getting code accepted was down to a rigorous code review. Staff there were so busy though that the code review might be done by different people who each had their own dearly-held views about style, so you might be told to make a series of changes by one person & then told to undo most of them by the next. It was frustrating. No training was given, and woe betide you if you took to the internet to research anything. I was actually happy when they fired me, after I jokingly bought a palm tree for my desk, to get some shade under. I spent a few weeks getting myself back in the zone & now I'm with an agile shop much nearer to home. All my code has tests, all my tests run. I'm much less stressed.


That's quite a story! Sounds like you're much happier now 👍 Glad to hear.

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