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Discussion on: Kentico Connection: Denver 2019 - My Experiences

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Matt Nield

Great review of the conference, Sean. I didn't realise it was your first time at a connection - I thought you were an old-hand when it came to Kentico 😄

It's great that you got a lot of positive comments and feedback, you've been putting out some great content here, especially with your design patterns series. Great stuff!

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Sean G. Wright Author

Yup, first time! ... and hopefully not my last 😀

I have this crazy idea that Kentico can become the 'professional' CMS / platform, the one where the development community builds quality and with self-reflection.

I know this is already the case, but I'd like the broader CMS ecosystem to identify Kentico this way as well.

When a dev team is looking at solutions for a CMS, and their CIO/CTO values their recommendation, I want them to think Kentico is best choice because of the community and quality of content/resources.