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Discussion on: Forget pay cut, give me a raise to work remotely

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Matthew Schwartz

I agree with all except the last point. Access to jobs across the world brings more opportunities to developers. But it also allows employers to draw from a larger pool of candidates, many of whom will be willing to take a job for lower pay due to lower cost of living in their region. Competition is increased.

What many people forget is that salary, and often benefits, are negotiable. I suspect most people do a poor job of negotiating for their true worth. Find companies (or start your own!) that understand employee value and sell yourself.

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Yup. Wait till they get remote workers from cheaper countries. Oh wait, they are already doing that.

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Federico "Edo" Granata

I've seen that a lot of time. Rarely it goes well for the companies.

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hrishikesh1990 Author

True, companies are also able to draw from a larger pool. But I would personally have reservations working for a company that discriminates pay basis location. There's a lot of companies even now that promise equal pay for all regardless of location and would naturally attract more talent.

Of course, absolutely agree with the last part & nothing beats starting on your own :)

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Nathan Heffley

There are already lots of companies that are partially or fully remote that offer full salaries regardless of location. With more companies going remote, it makes sense that the number of companies willing to offer full pay will increase, especially as a developer's skill increases and they get higher skill jobs.