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Discussion on: 10 Tips for Building and Deploying Hugo Websites on Azure Static Web Apps

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Matt Stratton

Great tips! I feel like adding "public" to your .gitignore is a good tip for all Hugo users/repos, whether they use Azure Static Web Apps or not :)

Another tip that might be helpful is that some themes are picky about what version of Hugo they support, so floating on "latest" can be iffy - maybe add something about how you can specify the specific Hugo version for the peaceiris/actions-hugo Action? I know you show that part of the code when you show how to use "extended", but a lot of time folks can get burned on Hugo versions when themes haven't been updated to support latest, etc (or even their own theme, not that this has ever happened to me...)

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Jason Hand @ wearing a Author

Excellent points!

hugo-version: "latest" might not be what your Hugo theme needs.