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Discussion on: My 5 Practical CSS Tips

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Massimo Artizzu

Using padding-top to keep aspect ratio

This is a glorious tip, but since you've mentioned the quite recent content-visibility, also aspect-ratio is very recent (support in Chrome 79 and Firefox 71). If only we had that in, like, 2003...

Use a framework

I wouldn't call PostCSS and SASS "frameworks". I'd say they're more like "processors", "compilers" or something like that. They allow you to use syntaxes that aren't in CSS, basically superpowering the language.
I'd call Bootstrap a CSS framework. Let me know if you agree.

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Ido Shamun Author

You're right about aspect-ratio, no doubt. I'm just so used to padding-top but aspect-ratio is another way to achieve the same thing.

I agree processors are much a better wording for them. Thanks for clarifying.