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Discussion on: IDE-isms - How does your IDE affect your coding style?

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Massimo Artizzu

Huh, never thought about it. But I guess it makes sense. I don't use IDEs, but one of the many supercharged text editors that and trending lately (like Sublime, Atom or VS Code).

I used to write very messy code once. Now I think I've improved a lot, but I don't know if it's more because of the editor, or just because of necessity :)

The best thing that helped me improve my code style is the multi-cursor. The second best is a hotkey to expand the current selection to the next occurence (usually Ctrl/Cmd+D).

Recently I've switched to VS Code like a lot of developers, and even though I thought I could do without Intellisense, it's a very nice thing to have. I'm not sure if that influenced my code style, but surely it's changed how I write code.

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Tamir Bahar Author

Thinking about it, IDEs have had a tremendous effect on the way I code.
In Python, I used to write a lot of scripts, then throw them away, then write them again. Using PyCharm, I was forced to create "projects". At first, this was annoying. So I created one main project where I host all my shitty scripts. Over time, it became a really nice library :)