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The panoramic photos are an amazing option when a photo to the regular format does not cover all the space we want to show. This is the reason why they are very often used for natural landscapes but also urban ones. So why not use them for other types of shots as well? In this article, we present 20 original panoramic photos to inspire you, find ideas and produce different images using the panoramic format.

Although we have also included panoramic photos taken in nature or in the city, we have highlighted disciplines that you may not have imagined to tackle in panoramic format. Read on and find out quickly!

Original panoramic photos in aerial view

This photo encompasses the entire upper part of the buildings and thus gives a feeling of vertigo . This type of photo is impossible to take without the help of a drone. But if you have one, you can try to capture this kind of panoramic views, as incredible as the one above:

Panoramic photo of a recognizable building

To be able to encompass a place as emblematic as the Louvre Museum in all its grandeur, nothing like a panoramic like this, where you can appreciate the two monuments and the famous pyramid in the central plan. Do not hesitate to resort to the panorama to succeed different, original shots and with other points of view during your travels . You can place the building or monument in the center or on one of the sides. Test multiple images to get the best result!

Panoramic photo of a rainbow

What better way to photograph such a special climatic phenomenon than through a panoramic? We know that it can turn out to be a bit complicated. First, because we don't see a rainbow every day. Secondly, because it is not easy to obtain the adequate pan before the rainbow disappears. But as a good photographer, you must surely like this kind of challenge, so go for it! If you see a rainbow, pan it.

Original panoramic photos with an element in the foreground

A photo that brings out an element in the foreground with a blurry space in the background is not unusual, although it is true that it is not as common as panoramic formats. Here is an example of this macro photograph of a flower with a building in the background. But you also tested a portrait, the foreground of an animal, urban elements or any other element that you want to bring out.

Panoramic photo in black and white

We know that black and white is a creative element. But you might not have considered using it on a panning, while still popping out the minimalist element , like below. It is the ideal tool to create different sensations. If you resort to black and white with very harsh lights, you will produce a very violent feeling. Conversely, with more dimmed lights, the atmosphere will be more melancholy.

Original panoramic photos of a city

It is true that panoramas are generally used to capture an urban landscape . But the originality here lies in finding the ideal place and the right moment to take this shot. So do not think that the panoramas of such and such a city have already been done too much. We invite you, on the contrary, to find more original points of view , different places or any element that can give the funny or singular touch sought for the photo.

Panoramic photo of an indoor location

Surely you must have heard a lot of times that the ideal for taking a photo indoors is a wide-angle lens . With these objectives, you will be able to capture a space in all its magnitude. So why not associate it with the realization of a panoramic? Especially since if you do not have a wide angle, this can be the right solution to achieve photographing an interior space in its entirety.

Original panoramic photos with the Milky Way

This type of photo may require a little more planning, but the results can be dramatic . You will need to think about the scene where you want to pan, where you want the Milky Way to appear in the frame, as well as how many photos to use to pan. You can always experiment before getting the final photo. And when you get it, it will definitely leave everyone speechless.

Panoramic photo in a desert location

Nothing better than a panoramic to capture the immensity of a desert . There are few landscapes as spectacular as deserts, which can convey so much with so little. Using a wide angle certainly gives great results, but if you pan the area, the feeling of grandeur will be even stronger. And if you also manage to freeze the effect of the wind like here, that's even better.

Panoramic photo using a person as the main element

As we have seen, panoramas are generally used for landscapes. But the combination of a spectacular landscape and a human figure can give very original panoramic portraits . Find a special place for the person to be photographed and match their attire instead. All you have to do is work on the model's poses and the light.

Panoramic in an industrial place

You might think that an industrial place is not a special place to have a photoshoot. But often, a simple change of format can give you more original views of the place than you expected. Look for an abandoned factory, mine, or brownfield site . Panning such a different place will surely give you unexpected results.

Original panoramic photo in a snowy place

You can't always find a snowy place to photograph. If you're lucky enough to find one, don't hesitate to capture the full extent of the snowy landscape with the help of a pan. If you live in an iconic city, climb to a high point and look for a snow-covered panorama. The photo will quickly become your favorite winter photo.

Original panoramic photos of your city's skyline

We have already mentioned the panoramas of urban landscapes. The photo below can also enter this category but this is a very special type of urban landscape SINCE we focus here on the skylines of cities . You will therefore need a place with special characteristics to be able to achieve this type of panoramic. So if you find this place, take the opportunity to photograph it, for spectacular results.

Panoramic photo of a paradise beach.

Admittedly, this type of panoramic is not specially original. You surely must have done a panorama, during a trip to the beach . The originality, in this type of photo, consists in finding elements that decorate the photo, to avoid a dull panoramic, where we would only have sand and the sea . Thus, you can see below a pontoon with boats at one end and palm trees at the other end, to delimit these two extremes of the panorama.

Original panoramic photos in a forest with dense vegetation

Panoramic photos of forests are usually taken from the outside, trying to capture all their grandeur and the mass of trees. But why not make one from the inside? We will show just as much the density of the place, while giving it a touch of heaven that will transport us to a place worthy of a fairy tale.

Original panoramic photo of the waves against the rocks

Capturing the precise moment when a wave hits the rocks at the water's edge can give very vivid photo results. And they will be even more so if you approach the image from the perspective of a panoramic. You can focus all over the shore to keep the focus in the center, on the wave breaking against the rocks . As you have a more elongated format, the interest will be much more concentrated on this action than on the space of the sea and the sky which will then be cropped.

Original panoramic photos with mist

The challenge here is to find a place to photograph the fog in order to capture all of its essence. It will certainly take a lot of preparation to do this. First, check the weather to make sure there will be fog on the day you want to go out and take the picture. Then, you have to find the right place , where you are sure that the fog will appear. If you control these two parameters, you will be successful.

Original panoramic macro photo

If you are passionate about macro photography , you must have dabbled in macro photography of flowers and insects before . Now take the challenge of a successful macro photography in panoramic format. It is an original format for macro photography which will give you images different from those we usually see in this photo discipline.

Original panoramic sports photos

In sports photography , it is not easy to achieve a panoramic photo of a place because to do so, you would have to immortalize a sport without almost any movement. A concept quite contrary to the practice of sport. But you can still take the photo in normal format but with a frame that will allow you to crop it in panoramic format, during the post-production phase . It's a different way of bringing out the athlete and producing images that stand out in sports photography.

Panoramic photos of a landscape with water using reflections

The landscapes are the main objectives of panoramic photos. It must be said that it is the ideal format to be able to capture all the essence of the place that took our breath away . Like the photo below, we invite you to play with the reflections if you find a landscape with water. Try to get a totally symmetrical photo where the water reflects the green color of the landscape. To achieve this, you will have to play on the place and the setting.

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