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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v28

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Maximiliano Usich

Hello, i'm Maximiliano, looking to move forward in development.
i've been working in web development since 1998.
Sorry, i leave the sound arround me as it is.
I try to do my best every time, and every single task i've done, i think that there is a better way to do that, and i find it later, just after i finished it.
I have been teaching web development, and it's a nice way to go back in every step, and rethinking it.
Some times a do some part time consultant jobs.

So now i've a beautifull family, my wife, my child.
So i'm looking forward to have a job. My prioriy is work life balance, looking for remote jobs, trying to show what i have for some one to pay for that.

So here we are, get in touch with remote people.

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Chris Achard

This is very belated, but - nice to meet you Maximiliano!

It's been awhile since you've made this post - how are things going now?